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Early Head Start

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Early Head Start

Child Development Services

Otero Junior College Child Development Services promotes enhancement of children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development through the Early Head start program.

This federally funded, community-based program for pregnant women and low-income families with infants and toddlers seeks to promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, enhance the development of very young children, and promote healthy family functioning. This program also provides parenting education to enable parents to be better caregivers and teachers to their children in a positive parent-child relationship. Every child and family receives a variety of learning experiences to foster intellectual, social and emotional growth.

Recent advances in the field of infant development make this an especially exciting time to have Head Start formally expand its family to include the provision of Early Head Start services.

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Why is Early Head Start Important?
Early Head Start

The Early Head Start program was established to serve children from birth to three years of age in recognition of the mounting evidence that the earliest years matter a great deal to children's growth and development.

Of particular importance is an understanding of the unique nature of infant and toddler development. Program practices must spring from an awareness of both the opportunities for intervention and the fact that young children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a negative caregiving environment.

The Early Head Start program promotes healthy prenatal outcomes, promotes healthy family functioning, and strengthens the development of infants and toddlers beginning as young as newborn infants.

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